10th Grade Package


Most 10th grade students are entering a period when it becomes clearer which fields their strengths lie in, and which subjects they are most interested in. As the number of awards they have can be important to college admissions, this is a crucial time to achieve tangible results from essay contests or journals. Most of J&B's 10th grade clients prepare for essay contests based on the fields they are good at, and little by little, they move closer to getting published in journals. For this reason, the majority of the essay contests they enter require some background knowledge in a specific field or discipline. Additionally, as most journals do not have strict topic guidelines, it is a good opportunity to develop research in the field students may want to study in-depth at college or university. J&B also believes that the 10th grade is one of the best times to write Independent Study Papers or work on autobiography projects, especially for those students who want to write essays within a looser time frame, while developing their ideas under their own guidelines.


 You can explore the competitions that interest you most, increase your performance, and see direct results
✓ You can develop in-depth research in the field you want to major in
✓ You can create your own original research paper
✓ You can prepare an essay portfolio that expresses your interests, such as work within essay contests, journal entries, or an autobiography
✓ As a tenth grader, you can achieve the results you desire from both international competitions and journals

3 Case examples from our actual clients

1. Concord Review + Independent Study Paper + John Locke + HIR

The client aimed to study Political Science at Harvard University. They worked with J&B to strategically select essay competitions/journals suited to their academic goals. Acknowledging the challenge, the client targeted contests/journals hosted by well-known institutions, working with J&B on submissions for the Concord Review, John Locke, and the Harvard International Review. J&B specifically selected the Concord Review and Harvard International Review so that the client would be able to freely select their topic while tailoring it to meet the themes presented by the competitions. J&B specifically recommended John Locke for the client to better develop their interest in politics—John Locke has its own, unique political prompts. Additionally, the client worked with J&B on an Independent Study Paper, written in a more free-style manner to better develop their interests outside of Political Science.

August – October: Concord Review

January - March: Independent Study Paper
May - June: John Locke

July - September: Harvard International Review

The client received award(s)/publication(s) from two essay contest(s)/journal(s)
The client’s Independent Study Paper was published

2. Autobiographies + Scholastic + NYT + Independent Study Paper

The client hoped to study Computer Science and Statistics in college, and since childhood, has received multiple STEM awards and gained experience volunteering in mathematics and science fields. However, as most top schools in the U.S. prefer applicants with interdisciplinary skills, in the tenth grade, the client decided to expand their essay writing skills. As the client had an interest in storytelling, combined with their strong, scientific background, J&B targeted a competition for the client to expand their creative writing skills. Additionally, the client worked on an autobiography project with J&B, turning their life into a book, embedding it with their scientific inclinations, knowledge of humanities, and humanitarian goals. Although they planned to study Computer Science and Statistics in the future, they also worked on an Independent Study Paper with J&B to become more well-rounded and fuse their interest in science and mathematics with the humanities.

October – July (+1): Autobiographies

October - November: Scholastic
February - March: New York Times

May - July: Independent Study Paper

The client received award(s)/publication(s) from two essay contest(s)/journal(s)
The client's Autobiography was published
The client's Independent Study Paper was published

3. ISSCY + HIEEC + Independent Study Paper + Columbia Science Journal

Since the eighth grade, the client has been preparing for essay contests with J&B. They have won awards for their submissions to John Locke, Scholastic, and the New York Times, among others. In the tenth grade, the client decided to prepare for the HIEEC, as they wanted to submit work to a competition with a more philosophically-focused base. The HIECC was also more academically challenging than previous competitions the client applied to before they entered the tenth grade. As the client received desired results from the HIECC, J&B then strategically focused on journal submissions in order for the client to better develop their research paper writing skills.

June – August: ISSCY

October - December: HIEEC
January - June: Independent Study Paper

July - September: Columbia Science Journal

The client received award(s)/publication(s) from two essay contest(s)/journal(s)
The client's Independent Study Papers were published