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J&B Google Reviews

Nahee Lee

Dec 11, 2021


I worked with J&B Team on my essay for ISSCY this year. From start to end, J&B helped me greatly in selecting the right research topic, providing the relevant journal articles from JSTOR and seamlessly polishing the draft. I am totally satisfied with the quality work and professionalism J&B has provided. I am working on Concord Review with them this winter and look forward to creating another great work.

Kayla P

Feb 15, 2021


Great consulting experience with J&B. They helped me prepare for my master's dissertation.They are transparent, always gave me a prompt response. The consulting team is very professional and well trained. Overall well structured essay program, value oriented, respectful environment. Would recommend.

Lia Chen

Mar 23, 2021


I worked with Mr. John for my transfer application essays for my master’s degree. John and his team were amazing and super professional. I thank my mom for introducing me to J&B. They not only care about results but genuine learning on essays.

Our consulting process based on 

 “J&B Self-Motivated Essay Learning” 

helps you gain writing confidence and success.

1:1 Personalization

Prior to beginning a consulting process, our top-tier consultants competently address 

all of your writing needs and concerns via diagnostic form and virtual pre-consulting session.

Result-driven Consulting

Each of our virtual consulting sessions helps you systematically cultivate the ins and outs of essay writing, 

from outline to final draft, in a result-driven manner.

Self-motivated Essay Learning

J&B Book, which you will receive upon completion of our consulting program, serves as 

your one and only essay companion for essays in future.

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