Columbia Junior Science Journal 


The Columbia Junior Science Journal (CJSJ) was founded in 2005 with a mission to support and publish the work of young science writers. As an open-access journal, CJSJ publishes high school research in the sciences and social sciences; its highly selective review process challenges high school students to submit their best work and build their technical and communicative skills as they write. Founded by the world-renowned Columbia University, CJSJ promotes its dedication to the scientific community by finding the next generation of innovative thinkers and giving them a platform to excel.

CJSJ encourages high school students (grades 9 through 12) to submit research papers or review articles in the natural and physical sciences or fields of engineering and social sciences. CJSJ limits all research papers to 1 to 2 pages and all review articles to 2 to 5 pages—the process encourages young writers to be concise, definitive, and creative with the short amount of pages they have. If you’re a budding chemist, astronomer, or psychologist (or something else entirely), CJSJ is your opportunity to interpret the world around you with wisdom and inquiry. Writing for CJSJ means that you are a scholar committed to improving your world.

The consulting team at J&B ensures that every writer entering work to CJSJ is fully supported, with the resources and assistance they need to produce excellent research. As students work with J&B, they learn the importance of some of the most integral parts of science—clarity, writing, and questioning everything.