Our Leadership


Co-founder/ Public Relations Director

M.Sc., International Development, University of Birmingham

- Interests: Whisky, golf and writing journal entries 

- Skills: Caffè latte making, execution and investment
- Notable career background: Former researcher at Korean government organization 

- What I like the most: Gold 

- What I like the least: Germs
- Affiliation: Business Operations Department (BOD) 


Co-founder/ Managing Director

M.S., Cognitive Science, Ruhr Universitaet 

B.A., Philosophy, University of Virginia

- Interests: Philosophy, books, golf, wine, German beer and travel 

- Skills: Tennis, leadership and speech 

- Notable career background: Former educational consultant at U.S. government agency 

What I like the most: Cereal 

- What I like the least: unsweetened apples 

- Affiliation: Academic & Consulting Department (ACD)


Marketing & Sales Director

LCF Fashion Design Technology, University of Arts London

A.A.S. Fashion Studies, Parsons School of Design

- Interests: fashion, marketing, jogging, yoga and boxing
- Skills: UX design, management, communication and persuasive

- Notable career background: UX product designer for Yankee Candle  

- What I like the most: passion 

- What I like the least: Sundays 

- Affiliation: Business Operations Department (BOD) 

Our Consulting Team



B.A., English and Creative Writing, Dartmouth College


- Interests: Jogging, coffee and wall-climbing 

- Skills: Classical guitar and C++ programming 

- Notable career background: Brief exposure to acting in Hollywood 

- What I like the most: Tillamook’s mint chocolate chip ice cream 

- What I like the least: Uber 

- Consulting area(s): red, green (humanities and business) and blue (John Locke, Princeton and King Sejong)



Ph.D. Candidate, History, Harvard University 

B.A., Economics, Stanford University

- Interests: Tennis, kayak, Netflix, museums, condos and stocks 

- Skills: accounting, HVAC and cartography 

- Notable career background: summer intern at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) 

- What I like the most: sleep 

- What I like the least: raw fish 

- Consulting area(s): red, green (social sciences, humanities and business), blue (John Locke and Harvard



M.A., Religious Studies, University of Denver

M.A., International & Intercultural Communications, University of Denver

B.A., Psychology, University of California, Berkeley

B.A., Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley

- Interests: reading, learning about people, animals, exercising, travel 

- Skills: editing, creative writing, helping others 

- Notable career background: editor for Journal For Cultural and Religious Theory (https://jcrt.org/) 

- What I like the most: spending time with friends and family 

- What I like the least: being without chocolate or coffee 

- Consulting area(s): red, green (social sciences, humanities, literature)



MBA, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

A.B., Psychology, Princeton University

- Interests: Palm reading, chess, fashion and pottery 

- Skills: Cooking, illustration, UX design 

- Notable career background: Former consultant at Deloitte
- What I like the most: Fishing
- What I like the least: People who dislike vegetarianism 

- Consulting area(s): red, green (social sciences, fashion and engineering), blue (John Locke, Harvard and King Sejong)



Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science, Brown University

B.A., Linguistics, Yale University

- Interests: Mukbang, cricket and Taekwondo 

- Skills: cooking (Korean food), speed reading, skating and Texas hold’em 

- Notable career background: Former visiting researcher at National Assembly of South Korea
- What I like the most: Cats
- What I like the least: Air pollution 

- Consulting area(s): red, green (social sciences, mathematics and computer science), blue (John Locke, King Sejong)



M.S., Journalism, Columbia University 

A.B., East Asian Studies, Princeton University

- Interests: Buddhism, meditation, travel, fashion and books on animals 

- Skills: Photography, bowling, animation and coding 

- Notable career background: English instructor at a rural elementary school in South Korea through TALK scholar program 

- What I like the most: Spaghetti without meatballs

- What I like the least: Stairs
- Consulting area(s): red, green (humanities, journalism and communication),
blue (King Sejong)

Washington DC, USA