✓ Must be a student currently enrolled at a college or graduate school


✓ 3 or 5 or 8 Weeks

You can successfully prepare a thesis required by your undergraduate or graduate program with a team of experienced consultants from J&B. The following are some of the popular subjects available for our Thesis/Dissertation consulting program: 

✓ Economics 

✓ English Literature 

✓ Sociology 

✓ Philosophy 

✓ Religion studies 

✓ Linguistics 

✓ Psychology 

✓ Business Marketing 

✓ Gender Studies 

✓ History 

✓ Politics 

✓ Fashion 

✓ Ethics 

✓ International Relations 

✓ International Development 

✓ Sports Management 

✓ Nursing Design 

✓ International Law 

✓ Food Science Public Health 

You not only get to hone your writing and analytical skills on the chosen topic but also deepen your knowledge on the subject as a result of profound, research-based and Socratic method-led discussions with your expertly consultant. 

Whether you need concrete guidance on preparing for your undergraduate or graduate thesis from History, Law, Nursing or other degree programs, J&B is here to help and work with you to maximize your writing potential and desired results!

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