International Journal of
High School Research


The International Journal of High School Research (IJHSR) is committed to peer-reviewing student research within the sciences. Publishing your work in the IJSHR means that it is indexed by EBSCO, one of the leading international information databases. The IJHSR is also an open-source journal, allowing researchers across the world to read your work free of charge. The accessibility of the IJHSR positions your work within the context of academic discourse, giving your research the opportunity to stand out and change the world.

IJHSR papers can exist in categories from behavioral and social sciences to cybersecurity. High school students can either write review or research articles, which means they can direct the scope of their research to focus on surveys of published research or findings from their own experiments. With no page limits, the possibilities are endless (although most students write articles anywhere between 3 to 7 pages). Think about who you are, which aspect of the sciences interests you most, and conduct your research. You are the captain of your own ship, and your research is the ocean ahead of you.

The J&B team partners with students to consult them on every leg of their journey. Whether it’s helping students select a topic within the sciences that suits their background and interests, or directing them to relevant published articles, J&B is here to make your research shine—and your exploration memorable.