Independent Study Papers (소논문/리서치페이퍼) (Grades 10-11)


✓ Must be a student in 10th-11th grades


✓ 8 week

As part of J&B’s ongoing efforts to cultivate and advance our clients’ profound knowledge, critical thinking and writing skills in the realm of humanities, Orange Program is designed to specifically help the clients produce an outstanding independent study paper on a topic of either philosophy or history. At the end of the Program, not only will they strengthen essential writing skills, ranging from ideation, outline, scholarly research, analysis to argument formation, but ultimately produce a superb independent study paper that most certainly gives them a competitive advantage in college admissions. 

The Program is 8 weeks long, each week devoted to master and complete the core elements of a desired paper. For detailed information on how the 8-week process is structured and the ins and outs of the process on paper production, refer to Process Options As far as requirements go, expect to write up to 6,000 words with a choice of referencing styles (Harvard, MLA or Chicago) depending on subject matter. For scholarly journal and article research, we utilize JSTOR and Elsevier, two of the most popular, reputable humanities journal sources among undergraduates and postgraduates; we give our clients direct access to journals and articles from the aforementioned sources. To facilitate efficient paper writing process, to note, clients are provided with a detailed outline containing a list of the pre-selected, recommended references from the J&B Team. One of our goals is to help clients efficiently work on their drafts by providing highly practical advice and learning tools; the outlines are one of them. 

A significant number of the previous clients who have worked with us on the Orange Program were highly satisfied with the overall essay process and, equally important, results derived from hard work and a little bit of luck. Some of them were fortunate enough to publish their papers in reputable journals; some others were successful in submitting the winning paper for an essay competition after making some edits to their original draft. The takeaway message is that the Program truly cultivates clients produce an outstanding, competitive paper that would ultimately deserve high recognition, maximizing their chances to gain admission to Ivy-league or other comparable elite US colleges. 

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