J&B Club 

J&B Club (“the Club”) is an exclusive, invitation-based community for the most valued clients, 

 strategically providing the tools and advantages required to realize one’s educational ambition.


1. 30% reduced fees on any of J&B consulting programs* 

2. No waitlist for scheduling 

3. Members-only consulting services  

4. Complementary Orange consulting program* 

5. Birthday gifts 

6. Other perks including hotel, restaurant or golf gift cards*


To become a member of the Club, an individual must satisfy, at least, ONE of the following: 

1. Has utilized J&B consulting programs totaling 12,999 USD or more in a year 

2. Has utilized J&B consulting package program amounting 9,999 USD or more in a year 

3. Has obtained the desired results in one of J&B consulting programs 

    a. Blue: Public recognition including shortlisted and finalist on any essay competition listed on the website. 

    b. Red: Acceptance to any desired secondary school/college/graduate school* 

    c. Green: Obtaining desired grades/scores on any of the sub-programs*

Once satisfied accordingly, an invitation email will be sent out for membership enrollment. The annual membership fee is 799 USD for the first year and 999 USD afterwards.

Please contact pct@jbessay.com for any inquires or details. 

*Additional restrictions may apply

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