Blue Program - John Locke Essay Competition

How we help you with the essay competition


Level test conducted by J&B

・ We will evaluate your qualification

・Conduct essay sample test and skype interview session with J&B's head consultant


Pick an essay topic and consult you

・We will suggest most suitable academic area among seven areas
・Discuss which essay prompt is the best for you
・Provide 1:1 consulting schedule


Writing a masterpiece

・Provide detailed essay guidelines that is tailored for you
・Continuous couching, back to back writing/editing
・Heavy edit if needed

・Final touch and quality check


Submission and result check

・Comprehensive support till final submission
・Result check and necessary follow-up


1. How many students J&B Essay Consulting recruit for the essay competition preparation? 

 - We, J&B Essay Consulting help 20-30 students on average every year for John Locke Essay Competition 

2. How much is the consulting fee? 

 - Ask individually

 3. Does J&B Essay Consulting help students regardless of their essay writing level?

 - As we aim to make all students who get help from us satisfactory, we limit the number of students. That is our purpose to conduct essay sample test and Skype interview. 

 4. Why should one participate in John Locke Essay Competition?

 - Reasons may vary, however, we believe it would be a great addition for your US/UK college admission. 

5. I would like to get help for J&B Essay Consulting. What's next?

 - Please make a post on JB Cafe so that one of our staff from Client Management Team (CMT) will guide you how/when to conduct essay sample test and Skype interview with us. 


jbessayconsulting (Skype)

Washington DC, USA