Our Company

Located in the heart of the Washington Metropolitan Area, USA, J&B Essay Consulting, LLC, a team of top-notch essay consultants, offers the best personalized essay consulting services to clients in need of impeccable writing guidance and services. Since founded in 2012, we have successfully provided excellent consulting to clients all around the world on academic, admissions and contest essays to ensure clients are encouraged and guided to develop a strong sense of confidence and satisfaction in their academic and professional pursuits. 

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Our Commitment

Through exceptional essay writing services, we strive to inspire our clients - one client and one essay at a time - to successfully cultivate long lasting academic, professional confidence and contentment. 

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Our Structure

We are structured into two core departments and five teams, which as follows: 


(1) Business Operations Department (BOD) 

(2) Academic & Consulting Department (ACD) 


(1) Marketing & Development Team (MDT) 

(2) Human Resources Team (HRT) 

(3) Finance & Accountability Team (FAT) 

(4) Client Management Team (CMT) 

(5) Consulting Team (CT) 

Our Leadership


Co-founder/ Public Relations Director

M.Sc., International Development, University of Birmingham

- Interests: Whisky, golf and writing journal entries 

- Skills: Caffè latte making, execution and investment
- Notable career background: Former researcher at Korean government organization 

- What I like the most: Gold 

- What I like the least: Germs
- Affiliation: Business Operations Department (BOD) 


Co-founder/ Managing Director

M.S., Cognitive Science, Ruhr Universitaet 

B.A., Philosophy, University of Virginia

- Interests: Philosophy, books, golf, wine, German beer and travel 

- Skills: Tennis, leadership and speech 

- Notable career background: Former educational consultant at U.S. government agency 

What I like the most: Cereal 

- What I like the least: unsweetened apples 

- Affiliation: Academic & Consulting Department (ACD)


Marketing & Sales Director

LCF Fashion Design Technology, University of Arts London

A.A.S. Fashion Studies, Parsons School of Design

- Interests: fashion, marketing, jogging, yoga and boxing
- Skills: UX design, management, communication and persuasive

- Notable career background: UX product designer for Yankee Candle  

- What I like the most: passion 

- What I like the least: Sundays 

- Affiliation: Business Operations Department (BOD) 

Our Consulting Team



B.A., English and Creative Writing, Dartmouth College


- Interests: Jogging, coffee and wall-climbing 

- Skills: Classical guitar and C++ programming 

- Notable career background: Brief exposure to acting in Hollywood 

- What I like the most: Tillamook’s mint chocolate chip ice cream 

- What I like the least: Uber 

- Consulting area(s): red, green (humanities and business) and blue (John Locke, Princeton and King Sejong)



Ph.D. Candidate, History, Harvard University 

B.A., Economics, Stanford University

- Interests: Tennis, kayak, Netflix, museums, condos and stocks 

- Skills: accounting, HVAC and cartography 

- Notable career background: summer intern at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) 

- What I like the most: sleep 

- What I like the least: raw fish 

- Consulting area(s): red, green (social sciences, humanities and business), blue (John Locke and Harvard



M.A., Religious Studies, University of Denver

M.A., International & Intercultural Communications, University of Denver

B.A., Psychology, University of California, Berkeley

B.A., Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley

- Interests: reading, learning about people, animals, exercising, travel 

- Skills: editing, creative writing, helping others 

- Notable career background: editor for Journal For Cultural and Religious Theory (https://jcrt.org/) 

- What I like the most: spending time with friends and family 

- What I like the least: being without chocolate or coffee 

- Consulting area(s): red, green (social sciences, humanities, literature)



MBA, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

A.B., Psychology, Princeton University

- Interests: Palm reading, chess, fashion and pottery 

- Skills: Cooking, illustration, UX design 

- Notable career background: Former consultant at Deloitte
- What I like the most: Fishing
- What I like the least: People who dislike vegetarianism 

- Consulting area(s): red, green (social sciences, fashion and engineering), blue (John Locke, Harvard and King Sejong)



Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science, Brown University

B.A., Linguistics, Yale University

- Interests: Mukbang, cricket and Taekwondo 

- Skills: cooking (Korean food), speed reading, skating and Texas hold’em 

- Notable career background: Former visiting researcher at National Assembly of South Korea
- What I like the most: Cats
- What I like the least: Air pollution 

- Consulting area(s): red, green (social sciences, mathematics and computer science), blue (John Locke, King Sejong)



M.S., Journalism, Columbia University 

A.B., East Asian Studies, Princeton University

- Interests: Buddhism, meditation, travel, fashion and books on animals 

- Skills: Photography, bowling, animation and coding 

- Notable career background: English instructor at a rural elementary school in South Korea through TALK scholar program 

- What I like the most: Spaghetti without meatballs

- What I like the least: Stairs
- Consulting area(s): red, green (humanities, journalism and communication),
blue (King Sejong)

Our Programs & Methodologies

Inspired by the sheer beauty and taste of wine, we have audaciously named our consulting programs after wine varietals. Our aim is to paint each essay with unique ideas and inputs from the client, sophisticatedly combined with professionalism and superior consulting experience. 

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Sauvignon (“Red”) – admissions essays
Moscato (“Green”) – academic essays
Noir (“Blue”) – essay contests


Editing (“you give us a first draft, we make it perfect”

Transforming (“you give us ideas, we help you transform them into a draft from beginning to end”

Tutoring (“we create ideas and drafts together from beginning to end”)

Our Clients

We have clients with diverse backgrounds. They are college and high school students, professionals, educators, universities, governments and organizations. They are from all over the world, mainly from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and South Korea. Regardless of their country of residence, occupation or challenges, each of our J&B clients has been nothing but fully satisfied with the services and results we provided. 

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Washington DC, USA