EVERYONE has their way of unleashing thoughts. Some people chat with their friends, scribble somewhere or even think out loud, verbally expressing their thoughts as soon as they take place. John loves to jot down his thoughts on napkins. It does not matter if those are Starbucks’, McDonald’s, cocktail napkins or whatever. As long as there is some napkin somewhere, he is gladly willing to grab one and start writing down what goes on in his head. His most creative ideas do often get written down on the napkins. This section is devoted to share some of the thoughts he scribbled on the napkins. The goal is to post them on a semi-monthly basis. Hope you enjoy reading the napkins!

“Every job requires cleaning up someone’s shit. In a way, no matter where you are in your career, you will have to clean someone’s shit and ass. That’s life. CEO, teachers, business owners, students…they all eventually clean someone’s ass and shit. Accept it, shitcleaners!.” August 23, 2019, Somewhere nice

“Money is important,” many say so. “So are health and many others,” I say. Humans are born greedy. No matter how much one has, that person ultimately leads to disbelief or depression once acknowledges one’s failure not to be trapped into being greedy, if you will. Being greedy is very natural, very humane, even a beautiful thing. Greed also equals desire.” -August 6, 2019, Georgetown, D.C. 

“Moving into a new place, shelter is always exciting! No matter how much you love your existing home or whatever belongings you have, a change is necessary and vital for one’s personal growth. To grow even bigger, one needs to get out of his/her safe zone and explore the unknown!” - July 27, 2019, The Arlington

“Happy Birthday, America! You rightfully deserve all the fanfare and congrats. So happy that you were born. Stay strong and just.” -July 4, 2019 USA

“You really gotta show some respect and courtesy, dear friends. You simply cannot hit and run all the time. I am fed up with all of these as they are trying to gain every bit of as much advantage as possible out there. We are all humans, not animals. Try to show some respect at bear minimum, I plead. I am, perhaps, asking too much. Life goes on.” -June 26, 2019, MD

“The past is something that has already gone. You cannot relive but only revisit the memory. Once memories have been made, they cannot be neither changed nor remade. Do not worry about remaking the past! Worry about making the present :)” -June 07, 2019, D.C.

“The path one chooses to pursue always comes with struggles and challenges. There is no easy path in life. There might be shortcuts; however, one would ultimately end up having to take the path, without taking short cuts. Fear not, folks, Accept your destiny and create meanings. Your meanings." -May 31, 2019, 5850

“Remembering the most precious memory, Savoring the tastiest food and drink, Leaving every bit of everything presented to me, Truly blessed to share the moment with you, Wish every moment is like this." -May 18, 2019, Washington D.C.

“Dear H, I still remember the first sight of you about 6 years ago. You were so adorable and naughty. The smell of chicken made you go nuts. When I ran, you ran after me. You were my copycat. Thanks for being so nice to me. Thanks for loving B so much. You were lucky to have her as an owner. Rest in Peace! I will see you when I get there. " -Apr 30, 2019, Alexandria, Virginia

“Do not listen to naysayers! They are the inner enemy trying to destroy your ego. Ignore what they have to say! Block all the negativities and absorb all the positivities. Forget not what Nietzsche said! Uber mesche! Super man! Be a superman and let others know how strong-willed you are!" -Apr 17, 2019, Alexandria, VA

“There is no particular season for the beach. It invites people every season. Savoring it in spring is as equally enjoyable as in summer. It seems who you are with is more vital than where you exactly are. A short trip to Ocean City. Too short. Too beautiful. Beautiful things do not last long! " -Mar 20, 2019, Ocean City, MD

“When winter disappears, spring comes. When storms disappear, calmness settles in. Up and downs. That is the beauty of life. What goes up goes down eventually. We just need to be mindful of such fluctuations. Enjoy the ride!! " -Mar 10, 2019

“Dear Weasels, First, I would like to express my highest gratitude for your existence. I did not really know that so many of you actually exist in so many different places. I am seeing the population of SK weasels mostly concentrated in the KUIKJ from my recent experience. You, miserable weasels, never put much effort in anything! You just want the best results and cry if the outcome is not so favorable. How could you even be disappointed if you had not done your part? Stop blaming others and start blaming yourself! " -Feb 28, 2019

“March is around the corner. Winter has been somewhat warmer than I anticipated. Well, it's been still cold; however, not cold enough. Here I am sitting at the table by myself in the late evening, consuming a bowl of chicken and others at a local Chipotle. I don't miss companionship at this time; I have had enough companies in my life. Seeing people doing different things at the same place reminds of how diverse humans can be in a given setting. Same stimuli cannot be the same to everyone. As always, I don't know what the heck I am talking about now. Better to go home. " -Feb 15, 2019, Alexandria, VA

“As you get older, you, it seems, become insensitive to the world and more generous to yourself. Numerous biases and misunderstandings dictate your judgment and guide your decisions. You become enslaved by your own thoughts, stubborn and irrational. Once a world-opened creature becomes a self-centered monster, striving to annihilate other creatures who look just like you! The world gives birth to you, nurtures you, educates you. And you battle the world, trying to win it. How ironic that is!" -Jan 20, 2019, Washington D.C.

“Revisiting the familiaritie...revisiting them in a different context. Having once believed that what I was familiar with would remain the same, resistible to change. It seems that everyone changes, or it is you who undergoes such changes. It just doesn’t stay the way it used to be anymore. Once you realize that there is actually a change incurred...it seems nearly impossible to go back; it is too late by then. Your perception of the object no longer remains the same. Oy Vey... What a tragedy. What a life. Despite all these, still living a day, so human, so sad..." -Jan 17, 2019, Alexandria, VA

“Looking back the year of 2018, No regrets, No Sorrows but yes happiness and yes full of achievements.. No looking back! My 2019's resolution is revolution!" -The last day of 2018, Washington, D.C.

“I was bold in the pursuit of knowledge, never fearing to follow truth and reason to whatever results they led..." - Thomas Jefferson " * My question to TJ is : "What is knowledge? What is truth? What is reason? Everything in life is relative. Even knowledge is relative as well as truth and reason" -Dec 12, 2018

“A city full of living history and cheesesteaks, once the capital of the U.S., now has become a giant museum where everyday is a joy and mystery. How unfortunate it is to see a city like Philly has been underrated by foreigners, it seems. Hidden between NY and Washington D.C., the truly amazing city awaits to be fully unburied" -Nov 26, 2018, Philadelphia, PA

“Spending time with the people whom you truly care is always amazing, the feelings...the positive vibes exuding from them...indescribably acts as a catalyst to excel myself to the next level...work and love, or reason and emotion are always needed to achieve genuine happiness in life" -Nov 14, 2018, Niagara Falls, NY

“I was fully occupied with Robert Frost’s famous poem “the road not taken,” something I have admired for so long. These days people talk about data science, big data, all the other things related to data and AI, the most popular and demanded industry in the mainstream. Whether to follow the trend or be a lone wolf, going about one’s desired path of career...something constantly fills up my head these days..." - Oct 28, 2018

“On a gloomy, typical Sunday, here I am at a cafe, surrounded by all different sorts of people...chatty couples, perplexed dogs, somewhat apoplectic-looking aged men...I really love the smell of a cafe on a Sunday morning...In Germany, Sundays are the beginning of a week on a calendar whereas in the United States...Mondays are. How we people standardize concepts differently...” - Oct 14, 2018

Washington DC, USA