The New York Times Editorial Contest


The New York Times Editorial Contest looks for passionate, opinionated writers and offers them the opportunity to write about any topic that is important to them. It’s a chance to dissect an issue or event you care about, break it down, and explain why and how it impacts you—or others. The New York Times invites writers ages 11 to 19 from anywhere across the globe and encourages them to craft an editorial that addresses their topic with logic and a critical eye.

While writers get to choose their own topic, they must learn how to defend its relevance in just 450 words. The New York Times assesses articles based on their viewpoint, depth of evidence, analyses, persuasiveness, and use of language. It’s a chance for young writers to practice clear, concise, and informative writing, and learn how to include only relevant details that build their case. As a strong writer is one who knows how to organize their essay, the New York Times is the perfect place to prepare yourself to become a tactful editorial writer.

J&B’s Essay Consulting program for the New York Times Editorial Contest supports young writers and assists them in identifying a topic that they care about while providing them with the technical writing support they need to make their editorial shine. By encouraging students to write about what they are passionate about, J&B builds a foundation for a positive learning experience that turns ideas into written products.