Green-essay assignments

 Client Information : Marketing/ Canada

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Internationalization strategies/ Descriptive essay

 Client Information : Law/ US

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Taxation, Digital Law/ Dissertation

 Client Information : Literature/ South Korea

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Literature, Publishing industry/ Analytical essay

 Client Information : International Business/ France

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Brand (Gucci)/ Analytical essay

 Client Information : Marketing/ Canada

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Omnichannel strategies/ Descriptive essay

 Client Information : Fashion, Art/ UK

✔ Subject/Type of Essay:  Gender/ Dissertation

 Client Information : Sociology/ Canada

✔ Subject/Type of Essay:  Religious study/ Field report

✔ Client Information : English literature/ US 

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: English/ Rhetorical Analysis

✔ Client Information : Psychology/ Ireland

✔ Subject/Type of essay: Cognitive science/Research paper

✔ Client Information : Statistics/ US

✔ Subject/Type of essay: Sports statistics/ SPSS Data report

✔ Client Information : Speech-language pathology/ New Zealand

✔ Subject/Type of essay: Linguistics/ Analytical essay

✔ Client Information : Political Science/ Canada

✔ Subject/Type of essay: Business Ethics, Social Responsibility essay/ Suggestion essay

✔ Client Information : Strategic Management/ US

✔ Subject/Type of essay: Chosen brand analysis

✔ Client Information : Politics/ Canada

✔ Subject/Type of essay: Political corruption in Asia/ Argumentative essay

✔ Client Information : Brand Management/ UK

✔ Subject/Type of essay: Marketing/ Descriptive essay

✔ Client Information : Cultural studies/ Australia

✔ Subject/Type of essay: Culture essays/ Reflection essay

✔ Client Information : Anthropology/ UK

✔ Subject/ Type of essay: Indigenous language/ Descriptive essay

✔ Client Information : Education/ Australia

✔ Subject/ Type of essay: Group work/ Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

✔ Client Information : Linguistics/ New Zealand

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Morpheme glossing/ Analytical Essay 

✔ Client Information : East Asian studies/ US

✔ Subject/Type of essay: Buddhism/ Research paper

✔ Client Information : World Literature/ Canada

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Biography/ Narrative essay

✔ Client Information : Psychology/ Canada

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Criminology, Argumentative essay

✔ Client Information : History/ US

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Art history/ Descriptive Essay

✔ Client Information : International High school in Seoul

✔ Subject/ Type of Essay: Economics/ John Locke Institute 2019 Essay Competition

✔ Client Information : Food Science and Technology/ Canada

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Medical Science/ Argumentative essay

✔ Client Information : International Studies/ UK

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Globalization/ Research Paper 

✔ 국제학에세이, 세계화에세이, 리서치페이퍼작성, 리서치페이퍼영어

✔ Client Information : Sociology/ US

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Gender and History/ Argumentative Essay 

✔ Client Information : English/ UK

✔ Subject/ Type of Essay: English/ Article Review 

✔ Client Information : International Commerce/ Australia 

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Brand Management/ Case Study

✔ Client Information : Finance/ UK

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Accounting/ Analytical Essay 

✔ Client Information : Visual Art/ US

✔ Subject/ Type of Essay: Ancient Art/ Research Paper 

✔ Client Information : History/ US

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: US History/ Descriptive Essay 

✔ Client Information : Ethics/ US

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Ethics and Philosophy/ Argumentative Essay 

✔ Client Information :  International Business/ UK

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Business Strategy/ Analytical Essay 

✔ Client Information : International Business/ UK

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Free Trade/ Dissertation 

✔ Client Information : Music/ US

✔ Subject/Type of Essay: Philosophy/ Research Paper 

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