National History Day (NHD)



✓ Targeted grade levels: 6-12th
✓ Word limit: 1500-2500 words
✓ Topic: Any history topic related to an annual theme
✓ Must pass J&B’s application & interview
✓ Must be a logical, profound and effective communicator in the written and spoken English language

✓ Local/state: March-May, each year
(the exception applies to candidates in China and Korea; please inquire for details)
✓ National: June, each year


NHD offers five creative categories in each division. The Documentary, Exhibit, Performance, and Website categories offer both individual and group participation options. The Paper category allows individual participation only. Groups may include two to five students. Group members do not have to be in the same grade, but all must be in sixth grade or above. The group project must enter the division of the oldest group member.


To participate in the NHD contest, you will research a historical topic related to an annual theme, then present your work in one of NHD’s five creative categories. You may then enter the local NHD contest that serves you. Depending on where you live, your first contest may be held at the school, school district, Regional, or Affiliate level. Top projects from each Affiliate Contest advance to the National Contest. Find your local program here.


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