✓ Must be a student enrolled at secondary school (or just graduated from secondary school depending on its academic curriculum), not exceeding age of 20
✓ Must pass J&B’s application & interview
✓ Must be a logical, profound and effective communicator in the written and spoken English language
✓ Having passion and profound knowledge in philosophy

✓ 3 or 5 or 8 Weeks

✓ May 29, 2022


Are you a skilled writer in philosophy and ready to take your analytical skills to the next level? IPO, begun in 1993, has annually invited students of secondary education around the world to participate in a rigorous essay competition on philosophy.


Each year, a different host country hosts IPO under supervision of the International Committee, the Steering Board and the FISP Steering Committee. It primarily aims to promote sound philosophical education at the secondary level as well as to encourage the solid development of critical and independent thinking, creativity and inquisitiveness among secondary students around the world. Each individual wishing to participate in IPO should pass hurdle requirements set by the National Organizing Committee in his/her home country prior to becoming qualified for the main event. Once qualified as an IPO participant representing his/her own country, not more than two, he/she can participate the main event taking place in May each year. Each IPO participant should write on one of the four philosophical topics given within four hours. The essay should be written in either English, German, French or Spanish (the chosen language should not be your mother language!). Evaluation takes place in three rounds; a panel of judges will carefully evaluate each essay submission at the first stage; the qualified ones move on to the next stage. Winning essays are awarded with medals (golden, silver and bronze) and honorable recognition. Check out here to find out about the IPO in great detail. 


With a team of top-tier essay consultants and the most uniquely designed 1:1 consulting program from J&B Essay Consulting (‘J&B’), you can competently prepare yourself for the IPO in the most effective and result-driven manner. You not only get to hone your research and analytical skills on a philosophical topic but also deepen your academic knowledge on the subject as a result of profound, Socratic-based discussions with your expertly consultant!




Client's Case 




Some of the popular secondary schools where our clients for Blue Program have attended over the course of the last few years:


  • Seoul International School (SIS)
  • Korea International School (KIS), Jeju Campus
  • Branksome Hall Asia
  • Chadwick International
  • Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies





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