Scholastic Awards Critical Essay

Novels and personal stories, Journalism


✓ Must be a student in grades 7-12 in the States
✓ Must pass J&B’s application & interview
✓ Must be a logical, profound and effective communicator in the written and spoken English language

✓ Dec - Jan, 2022


Do art and writing inspire you? Are you a creative person who enjoys uniquely producing works of art and writing? Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, a recognition program for creative students in the United States, has encouraged, since 1923, creativity among young, bright minds through annual art and writing competitions.


Scholastic Art & Writing Awards consists of two distinct categories: Art and writing. For the former, there are, to list a few, comic art, design, drawing & illustration, fashion, jewelry, sculpture and others. For the latter, there are, for example, critical essay, journalism, novel writing, personal essay & memoir, poetry, short story and others. There are descriptions and requirements per each sub-category (e.g. critical essay, sculpture, etc.) within a category. Submissions for 2021 begin in December - January 2022 depends on the state. Check out here to find out about the competition in great detail. 


With a team of top-tier essay consultants and the most uniquely designed 1:1 consulting program from J&B Essay Consulting (‘J&B’), you can competently prepare yourself for the competition in the most effective and result-driven manner. You not only get to hone your artistic and writing skills but also deepen your academic knowledge on the subject as a result of profound, Socratic-based discussions with your expertly consultant!






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