UK Graduate (Master’s Degree) Admissions Application Essay


✓ Must have already obtained a bachelor’s degree from a UK university/college (or equivalent) or planning to complete it within a semester or so


✓ 3 or 5 or 8 Weeks

Are you passionate about becoming a successful entrepreneur who would lead the IT industry to help make the world not simply more convenient but also more meaningful for everyone? or is your dream career focused on developing a vaccine for viruses like Covid-19 in order to improve the general level of health and wellness in humanity? Whether your career goal is to become a business leader, doctor, lawyer, scholar, professor, scientist or engineer, obtaining a postgraduate degree in the relevant subject field is still significant to your success in today’s world and can serve as a vehicle to reach your career goal. With a winning team of essay veterans from J&B, you can craft all the application essays necessary for your MBA, MA/MS, PhD, JD, MD or other postgraduate degrees! 

Based on “J&B Self-Motivated Essaying” consulting process, we make sure to collectively, constantly share ideas and thoughts with you at each step of consulting in order to craft and polish the very best pieces of writing together, which fully represent who you are. Fully equipped with experience and talent, our expertly consultants are here to help shape and paint your unique stories via our test-proven consulting process in the result-driven manner.

A significant number of our clients have been accepted to Oxford Said, LSE, Warwick, Cambridge Judge, Imperial College and many other notable UK business schools. For other postgraduate degrees, our clients have proudly made it to top schools like Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, UCL, Edinburgh and other Russell Group universities! J&B proves our excellent 1:1 consulting program with insurmountable experience, expertise and results in graduate application essays.

J&B provides excellent guidance and expertise specifically in:

Personal Statement 

✓Statement of Purpose 

✓Research Proposal 

✓Motivational Letter 

✓Personal History Statement 

✓Letter of Recommendation 

✓Curriculum Vitae 

✓Optional Statement 

✓Statement of Qualifications 

✓Supplemental Essay 

✓Career Statement 

✓Writing Sample 

✓Scholarship/Grant Application Letter 

Client's Case


1. I plan to apply to a total of 10 schools, but each school has different deadlines. In this case, how do you structure my consulting schedule?

-> We, J&B, consider each school's schedule and group them by deadlines that are as similar as possible, and then divide the consulting sessions into several ones. Essay consulting for up to 4-5 schools can be grouped together. For example, schools with deadlines in March and April are divided into group A, and schools with deadlines in May and June are divided into group B. The schedule is configured according to the consulting period selected by the client. However, in the case of schools recruiting on a rolling basis, consulting is carried out on a schedule as soon as possible.

2. There are many admissions essay consulting companies but why should I choose J&B? What are the differences?

-> Yes, the biggest difference J&B pursues is 'uniqueness'. Our J&B team believes that any form of writing has its own color and feeling, and the consulting process is subdivided to express this belief. Most of the clients who have hosted the Gray program with us say that J&B's writing has a clear color. In particular, in the case of admissions essays, originality is important as it is an important medium for admissions officers to imprint their experiences and values.

3. Regarding the specific admissions essays, I need to have my own story, but I don't have much experience in life and I don't have a variety of life experiences. What should I do?

-> You don't necessarily need a special experience to create a great essay. It's important how to express it uniquely, even with the same experience. Also, it is our J&B consultant's role to induce experiences and stories that clients have not, yet, found. If you describe experiences in a subjective tone, it is our job to effectively transform it and make it work for your essay so that the reader can genuinely understand and share the essay content.

4. I need several kinds of essays. Can I get help for all of them?

-> Yes, if you proceed with the package program, we consult on all essays required by the school you are applying for at once or within a given time frame. In general, PS/SOP/CV/LOR are some of the examples that students should prepare for applying schools.

5. When I request essay consulting from a company, I will need to share personal information. Is J&B a reliable company?

-> Yes, we are. In the case of admissions essays, they deal with highly sensitive, personal information since the focus is about your personal story! The J&B team values the security of your personal information and your intellectual property as much as the quality of the essay. For that reason, if you become our client, we will create a dedicated page for you, which can be accessed through invitation only. All messages, videos, and document materials between the consulting team and the client are encrypted and stored on a secure drive with controlled access.

1. 저는 총 10개학교에 지원 할 예정인데, 학교들마다 데드라인이 모두 다릅니다. 이럴 경우 컨설팅 스케쥴을 어떻게 구성해주시나요? 

-> 저희 J&B는 학교별 스케쥴을 각 고려하여 최대한 비슷한 데드라인별로 그룹화하여 컨설팅 세션을 수 회로 나누게 됩니다. 최대 4-5개의 학교의 에세이 컨설팅을 한 그룹으로 묶을 수 있습니다. 가령, 데드라인이 3, 4월인 학교를 A그룹, 5, 6월인 학교를 B그룹으로 나눠 고객님이 선택하신 컨설팅 기간에 맞춰 스케쥴이 구성됩니다. 단, rolling basis로 모집하는 학교의 경우 최대한 빠른 일정으로 구성하여 컨설팅이 진행 됩니다. 

2. admissions essays 컨설팅 업체들이 많은데 그럼에도 불구하고 J&B를 선택해야 하는 이유가 무엇인가요? J&B만의 차별점이 있나요? 

-> 네, J&B가 추구하는 가장 큰 차별점은 바로 ‘uniqueness’입니다. 저희 J&B는 어떤 형태의 글도 본인만의 색깔과 느낌이 있다고 믿고, 이를 표현하기 위해 컨설팅 절차 또한 세분화 되어 있습니다. 저희와 그레이 프로그램을 진행해보신 고객님들의 대다수가 J&B의 글은 분명한 색깔이 있다고 이야기 해주십니다. 특히, admissions essays의 경우 입학사정관으로 하여금 본인의 경험과 가치관을 각인 시키는 중요한 매개체인만큼 독창성이 중요 합니다. 

3. admissions essays의 특성상 나만의 스토리가 있어야 하는데 저는 인생 경험이 많지 않고 다채롭지도 않습니다. 어떻게 할까요? 

-> 꼭 특별한 경험이 있어야 멋진 에세이가 탄생하는 것은 아닙니다. 같은 경험이라도 그것을 어떻게 독특하게 표현해 내는지가 중요합니다. 또한, 고객분들께서는 발견하지 못하던 경험 및 이야기를 유도해 내는 것은 저희 J&B 컨설턴트만의 역할입니다. 고객님은 저희에게 객관적인톤의 경험 이야기를 해주시면 그것을 어필링한 에세이로 만드는 것은 저희의 역할이니 걱정 하지 않으셔도 됩니다. 

4. 여러 종류의 에세이가 필요한데 모두 도움을 받을 수 있나요? 

-> 네, 패키지 프로그램으로 진행하실 경우 지원하시는 학교에서 요구하는 모든 에세이를 한번에 컨설팅 해드리고 있습니다. 보편적으로 PS/SOP/CV/LOR을 준비하게 되며, 지원하시는 학교 리스트에 맞춰 종합적으로 준비가 가능합니다. 

5. 컨설팅을 하다보면 에세이 재료가 될 만한 개인정보를 공유해야 하는데 J&B는 믿을만한 곳인가요? 

-> 맞습니다. admissions essays의 경우 나의 이야기를 담는 특성이 있기에 매우 personal한 정보들을 다루게 됩니다. 저희 J&B는 에세이 퀄리티만큼이나 고객님의 개인정보와 에세이의 지적재산의 보호를 중요하게 생각합니다. 그러한 이유에서 저희 J&B의 고객이 되시면 고객님 전용 페이지를 생성해 드리고, 이는 invitation으로 접근이 가능합니다. 컨설팅팀과 고객님간의 모든 메세지, 영상, 문서 자료들은 암호화되어 보관됩니다.

Legal Professional active in the U.S, Korea and the U.K, Jenny Ye Jin Client

The portrait image provided by the client has been caricatured by J&B.

We remember Jenny's thesis topic being very fascinating and drew special attention from our consultants. Particularly, it was also a great time of learning for us as she shared a profound knowledge about the relevant fields^^ Jenny who always complete tasks exceptionally with a "Thank you very much" each time gladly participated in this third edition of our review project ("J&B Essay People Project"). Jenny said that she has been telling everyone around her about our service! Jenny was together with us for the Red Program (Admission Essay) twice and Green program (thesis) once, her story is about to begin :) 

Q. What's your name or nickname? 


Q. How many times have you received J&B Essay Consulting services? Please describe the service contents. 

Three times: Essay and Thesis Editing and Personal Statement. 

Q. Reasons for choosing J&B Essay Consulting? And why did you choose us again? 

At the beginning, I had to quickly search for a place that provided editing help as I had to urgently produce a piece of writing. I initially asked an individual editor, who despite knowing the deadline failed to meet the given time frame, and I remember being very disappointed as the quality was far below the expected level when I finally received the edited piece. That's why I was much more careful in looking for a place to receive essay help. After getting to know J&B Essay Consulting by chance, I sent my first inquiry and then was able to decide quickly as I received a quick response and detailed instructions. Later, J&B quickly and meticulously cared for my first essay, and as I was satisfied with the quality, I rechose J&B for the next Thesis and Personal Statement. Thanks to the quick response and smooth communication of the CMT, it was very convenient for me to proceed working in Korea. 

Q. You mentioned that you used the Thesis Program. How was the quality of the essay? 

In the case of my thesis, I chose very carefully where to receive help given the topic being highly complicated. I am happy and very thankful that the final high quality of the essay was well worth all the trouble prior to selecting the company. The consultant fully understood what I intended to express and I received much help in better expressing my thoughts in words. Particularly, as the consultant helped define the outline with a logical flow, it was convenient for me to organize the thesis. 

Q. Please evaluate how effectively the Client Management Team communicated with you. 

The CMT works as the connecting bridge between the consultant and the client. Despite the fact that if the middle part does not work quickly enough it is easy for the work to be delayed for one or two days, the CMT always responded quickly to all the inquiries whether communicated through the emails or Kakao. Also despite the time difference, it was a big help that all the tasks were taken care of very quickly. I'm highly satisfied in terms of the communication with the CMT.

Q. What are you most satisfied about our service? 

Firstly, letting me know the estimated timeline with a calendar-like time schedule table was helpful for me to adjust my personal schedule and I was well informed what level of completion I could expect by what date. J&B worked well according to the timeline, which made it convenient for me to organize meetings with the professor. Moreover, it helped save a lot of time when I explained the content I wanted to add to the writing through Skype, J&B immediately understood and reflected my thoughts on the writing. It also became an opportunity for me to better organize my own thoughts. 

Q. Do you have any suggestion for the future development of J&B Essay Consulting? 

Primarily, compared to the number of students and professionals who need this kind of service in Korea and overseas, it is less well known and actively promoted. I think it would benefit to do more marketing to a wider audience such as students studying abroad, international school students, domestic and international professionals. 

But when I most recently received the Editing service for the Personal Statement, the project was only able to begin after two weeks. It did look like there were too many clients already. 

I am really interested in writing and literature, but it's difficult to find a place to receive good education beyond the highschool level. It would be great if J&B Essay Consulting could open up online or Skype classes or sessions on Literature or Writing.

Q. What were your standards of choosing an essay consulting company? Did J&B Essay Consulting meet those standards? 

I thought the academic backgrounds of the consultants were less important. Though I did look whether the consultants specialized in a literature related major and their professional experiences. Based on the sample essays displayed on the website, I could tell that the consultants had many diverse experiences. In the case of my Thesis, as my topic was particularly specialized and complicated, I invested more effort in choosing the right place. If I knew earlier, I would have asked for help for my College Application and my studies at an American University. 

Q. Any words for the clients who are considering whether to take J&B Essay Consulting service? 

I already have recommended J&B to my friends! The fact that help can be received from a wide range of writing across simple essays, personal statement to professional master's thesis shows that the consultants are very intelligent, have a profound understanding and genuinely think what is the best in the position of the clients. As I have a long experience of studying abroad, for me it wasn't a simple matter of trouble writing in English, but needed a more professional editing to improve the flow of the writing. As I received the end result that I am very satisfied with, I have been recommending J&B to absolutely everyone around me! 

Q. Final words? 

Thank you very much for providing such great help. I have another research project now, and will contact you soon. ^^  

The Schools We Have Helped Our Clients Get Into

STEM - Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Edinburgh, Manchester, and more

Humanities - Oxford, KCL, Lancaster, Birmingham, Leeds, and more

Business - Bath, City U, Leeds, Cranfield, Imperial College, and more

Fashion - Central Saint Martins, UCA, Kingston, LCF, Westminster, and more

Nursing - KCL, Southampton, Manchester, Edinburgh, Nottingham, and more

Journalism - LSE, Cardiff, KCL, Leeds, Oxford, and more

Pharmacy - Liverpool, Ulster, Bristol, Newcastle, Nottingham, and more

Education - UCL, Oxford, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, and more

Law - Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, UCL, KCL, and more

Medicine - Imperial College, UCL, Glasgow, Liverpool, Edinburgh, and more