How we serve our clients is highly unique and competitive compared to our competitors in the market. Here is why:

#1. We give you all-in-one benefits derived from both the essay consulting company and private tutor!

First, we are neither a grandiose writing services provider nor a private tutor; we are, indeed, both: we are a professional writing services provider and a highly personalized private tutor. What that means is here at J&B Essay Consulting, LLC, clients in need of writing assistance and guidance can receive both benefits that usually derive from a combination of gigantic writing services establishment and private tutorship. To be specific, some of the strengths the former encompasses, that is, systemic, organized service programs, effective communications and delivery of superior work well represent the core elements of who we are. Not only that, we also share the core values by which most private tutors are characterized: having a solid understanding of the needs of each essay learner at a deep, personal level. Built on only the strengths combined from the both sides, we are a unique provider of essay writing services that confidently serves both roles as a systemic, professional and responsible business entity as well as an affable, personalized tutor.

#2. We never ever outsource your essays!

Second, unlike other competitors in the market, we do not outsource any of our clients’ projects. All of our consultants are educated from an Ivy League school and fully competent at what they do. 

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#3. We undertake a thorough, rigorous quality control process for each essay!

Third, for each project, our head consultant is paired up with each consultant to successfully execute it from beginning to end. Our outstanding teamwork ensures superior quality control and work of perfection. 

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#4. We value confidentiality, originality and professionalism!

Last but not least, we value privacy and authenticity of our works. Each of our works or “projects” is shared with a client in the most secured fashion, for we highly respect each client’s privacy. What is more, all of our projects are free from plagiarism or any other infractions of intellectual property. 

Washington DC, USA