Art & Writing Portfolio


Most young writers are multitalented. J&B’s Art Portfolio Program exists to help interdisciplinary students curate their artwork into a professional portfolio—while also adding a detailed cover letter and compelling artist statements. The old adage, “Every picture is worth a thousand words” applies to you; however, at J&B, the consulting team works hard to help you select the exact words you need to elaborate on your artwork. Whether you are an illustrator, digital artist, painter, or any type of creative individual, the J&B Art Portfolio Program is a chance to highlight your best work, examine its key themes and messages, and prepare to share it with the world. As a polished art portfolio is a great way to stand out on your college applications or resume, J&B aims to bring art and writing together, just for you. 

The J&B consulting team brings an experienced eye to reviewing student artwork, selects standout pieces, and showcases the ones students are most proud of. Most art portfolios contain 10 pieces of artwork, each with 1 to 2 detailed paragraphs describing the inspiration, intentions, and techniques used to create them. As some students struggle to put their creative processes into words, J&B assists young writers and artists with a consulting process that emphasizes technical support and creative analysis. At the end, each J&B art portfolio is a unique collaboration between words and images.