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Eli L


A friend recommended it, and after a comprehensive chat with the program manager, I was convinced to join. My frequent travels in and out of the US had me concerned about keeping up with the schedule, but J&B's understanding and flexibility were exceptional. They seamlessly accommodated my busy lifestyle, making it super easy to reschedule and plan sessions.

Leni K


My daughter took essay writing 11 and philosophy 11 and truly enjoyed and did learn so many things. Everyone at J&B is very sincere and supportive. 

Camille M



The J&B team pays individualized attention to clients and makes sure that each project is tailored specifically to meet their needs. The process is also very organized, making writing an essay easier and more manageable. J&B also helps clients with selecting and taking on projects that suit their interests and goals, which is especially helpful for high school students hoping to build their college portfolios. All in all, J&B is committed to quality! 

Youngin J



11학년인 저희 아들에게 12학년 되기 전에 좋은 경험을 만들어 주고 싶어서 J&B에 에세이 상담 요청 했는데 아이 관심에 맞춰 대회 추천도 해주시고 좋은 결과까지 얻을 수 있었습니다. 생각보다 컨설팅 절차가 매우 체계적이고 스케쥴도 확실해서 좋았습니다. Reading 자료들도 직접 선별해서 보내주셔서 아이 학업에 많은 도움이 되었습니다.

Jun K



I finally made it to my dream school in the LLM program. J&B helped me with a statement of purpose, letter of recommendations, CV, and personal statement for USC, Georgetown, Northwestern, Columbia, and Harvard. As I am an engineer, it was hard for me to write a personal story and I wanted the essay like a novel. J&B noticed what I wanted and how my essays looked like. I was initially worried about having sessions in English, but Camille and John helped me make myself comfortable during whole sessions. The best thing I am happy about was essay quality and prompt communication. 

Tae K


Worked with J&B on college admissions essays last fall. The team truly provided excellent guidance on how supplemental essays should be uniquely tailored to each of my school choices based on my experience and background. So glad to get admitted to Stanford!!!! Thank you J&B!

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