College Admissions

(Grades 11-12) 

At a Glance (2023)

'Tis the season! SAT/ACT? Check. Impressive array of extracurricular achievements and awards? Check. Solid GPA? Check. Now, the only thing standing between you and the college of your dreams is mastering those application essays. Unlike standardized tests and grades, these essays offer a unique opportunity to share authentic, personal stories that reveal the essence of who you are.

In essence, the purpose of application essays transcends mere numerical assessments; it's about presenting a narrative that showcases your individuality and potential as a student. The goal is for admission officers to gain insight into your true self and assess whether you are an ideal fit for their institution. Are you prepared to captivate the officers with your tailor-made stories?

Enter J&B's team of top-tier consultants, ready to help you craft essays that authentically represent you and capture the hearts of admission officers. Whether your academic forte lies in STEM or English Literature, and whether your aspirations lead you to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, or Brown, our seasoned consultants will expertly guide you through a personalized consulting program. The Red Program’s signature element is the J&B Persona Portfolio which will help you and your consultants craft the perfect story to get you into the college of your dreams.

Throughout the academic year, the Red Program college application process unfolds in five distinct phases:

In the spring, as our journey begins, together we will compile essential documents including transcripts, resumes, and a comprehensive list of schools and desired majors. We will also craft a succinct yet personal letter to your future roommate, alongside completing questionnaires and essay projects to get a fuller picture of your personality.

Transitioning into the summer, creativity takes center stage as ideation and brainstorming sessions pave the way for developing the J&B Persona Portfolio for the application journey. Concurrently, clients start drafting their Common App Essay and gathering pertinent notes for recommendation letters from teachers.

As autumn arrives, the focus shifts to refining the application materials, with the completion of the J&B Persona Portfolio and the writing of any supplemental essays, tailored for Early Action/Decision or Restrictive Early Action deadlines. Additionally, clients compile their activities list and honors.

Winter brings a flurry of activity as clients finalize their applications with remaining supplemental essays for Regular Decision deadlines and engage in thorough interview prep. As the cycle nears completion in the following spring, attention turns to any follow-ups, including sending letters to deferred or waitlisted schools to reinforce interest and readiness for enrollment.  



- Transcript
- Resume
- List of schools & majors
- 1 page letter to future roommate
- Questionnaire
- Essay projects 



- Ideation & brainstorming
- J&B Client persona
- Common app essay
- Recommendation notes for teachers



- J&B Portfoilo
- Supplemental essays (EA/ED or REA) 

- Activities list & honors 



- Supplemental essays (RD)
- Letters for deferred and/or waitlisted school(s)
- Interview prep 

The Schools We Have Helped Our Clients Get Into

STEM - MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Michigan, UC Berkeley, and more

Humanities - Princeton, Chicago, Duke, Columbia, Virginia, and more

Social Sciences - Harvard, Yale, Brown, Vanderbilt, UCLA and more

Business - Northwestern, UPenn, NYU, Dartmouth, Cornell, and more

Fashion - New School (Parsons), FIT, Pratt, Kent State, Art Institute of Chicago, and more

Case Studies

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"Exploring Biological Systems in a Pre-Med Application"

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“Learning Coding On Your Own for Undergraduate Admissions”

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