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At a Glance (2023)

Welcome to the world of academia: as you plan for your future career, finalize your academic goals, and prepare to complete a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. program, you are just a few steps away from making all of your dreams come true. You are entering a period of deep exploration and extreme focus, where everything you study and encounter will help you become that much more successful in your future career. Academia can take you exactly where you want to go.

Now is the best time to engage in a period of extreme self-study, to examine the topics, questions, and ideas that have the power to transform your entire trajectory. What overarching interests have driven and fueled your academic career? What questions have captivated you for years? Through the Brown Program, you will get the chance to merge your intellectual curiosity, passion for your field, and unique creativity with J&B’s structured guidance.

As you are working on your dissertation to complete your field of chosen study, this is the time to celebrate how far you’ve come and what you plan to become. Writing a dissertation will allow you to select a niche topic you’ve always wanted to explore. It is your opportunity to complete your program with sparks and fireworks and set a precedent for how you will approach the rest of your career. Working with J&B’s Brown Program is the best way to ensure that you are on track.

J&B is committed to making sure that the process of writing your dissertation is as manageable and stress-free as possible. As you work with our team of consultants, you will find that they are highly experienced in all of the steps required to create a comprehensive dissertation—from introduction to results to conclusion sections. The J&B team is here to give you the right support and guidance you need to ensure that you not only construct a masterpiece, but you discover the true academic passion that drives you throughout the process.

Some of the main areas in which J&B has expertise:
✓ Compelling background and introduction
✓ Literature reviews and academic research
✓ Methodologies
✓ Results
✓ Discussion
✓ Conclusions
✓ Referencing in all citation styles

Consulting Process

STEP 1: Orientation
We (“J&B”) want to ensure that our clients are fully informed of all the details associated with consulting steps. During the orientation, we will go over each consulting step in detail, address any questions/concerns, and introduce clients to our project platform (on which clients should upload comments, questions, drafts, and other documents) and how to utilize it. Before moving on to the next step, all of the client's questions and/or concerns will be clearly addressed.

STEP 2: Ideation & Brainstorming
One does not need to emphasize how important it is to have good ideas in a dissertation. We certainly know what they are. Good ideas are the ones uniquely generated and selected by the writer, and they directly contribute to producing a final dissertation that is both logical and creative. In this step, we methodologically help clients come up with not just so-so but dazzling ideas for their dissertations.

STEP 3: Topic Confirmation 
By the end of the Ideation & Brainstorming session, clients should expect to have working but less concrete ideas for their potential research topic(s). That is absolutely fine. In this step, J&B helps polish the rough, incomplete ideas. How so? Well, by providing clients with three topic suggestions that capture the interests and passions expressed in the Ideation & Brainstorming session. We make sure that we fully utilize the client's ideas and thoughts to transform them into a list of solid topics that are appropriate for a quality dissertation.

STEP 4: Lecture
Once the topic is selected and finalized, we are ready for the lecture. In this step, our consulting team prepares and provides clients with a detailed, PowerPoint-based lecture on the selected topic. The clients are additionally provided with 10-15 scholarly journals to review altogether and prepare to actively engage in discussions for the next step, which is a seminar session.

STEP 5: Seminar
Prior to this step, we expect clients to thoroughly re-review the lecture slides as well as the scholarly journals they are provided with. In this step, we engage in active discussions with clients on three to five journals of our choice. Clients should expect to, for example, restate the writer’s thesis in their own words, and formulate counterarguments that would potentially invalidate the writer’s claim(s) and others. By the end of the Seminar session, clients should be ready to dissect the nuances of their topic.

STEP 6: Philosophical Logic
In this step, clients will be provided with a lecture on essential, philosophical logic concepts, which will allow them to produce a thesis that is clear, concise, and convincing. Without logic, it is nearly impossible to establish the aforementioned attributes. Clients are expected to learn, discuss, and apply some of the essential philosophical logic concepts in their work. We need logic to make sure any piece of writing makes sense.

STEP 7: Outline
In this step, clients will be provided with a J&B outline template, a model outline, and reading sources—complete with citations. As dissertations are lengthy, a typical J&B outline for a dissertation project can be anywhere between 15 to 25 pages! For clients, it is vital to fully understand the underlying structure and logic in the outline template. The pursuit of writing a dissertation is both creative and logical. Merely having creative ideas is not enough; having a solid, logical structure with compelling evidence to adequately embrace those ideas is equally important to produce a unique and superior dissertation. We need both art and science to create a masterpiece.

STEP 8: Introduction and Literature Review
Once clients fully review and understand the outline template, model outline, and reading materials provided in the previous step, they are now ready to work on their introduction and literature review. Thanks to J&B’s outline, by the time clients sit down to write their introduction and literature review, they have all the details they need to succeed. But don’t worry if the first draft seems unfinished! It is supposed to, indeed, be rough and incomplete at this stage.

STEP 9: Introduction and Literature Review: Edits
In this step, it is J&B’s full responsibility to make thorough, detailed edits as well as provide meaningful feedback to the client’s introduction and literature review. We utilize comments when giving feedback; moreover, we ensure to correct inconsistencies, logical fallacies, awkward, ungrammatical sentences, and others. We make sure that our clients introduce their key theories, research questions, and thesis in the correct places, and that their research is thorough and properly cited. Overall, our edits and feedback are detailed, clear, and meaningful.

STEP 10: Methodology and Results
Once clients are provided with their polished introduction and literature review, they can move on to their methodology and results sections. Once again, clients refer to J&B’s detailed outline to guide the bulk of their writing for these sections. We make sure that our dissertation outlines always adhere to the guidelines outlined by professors, as dissertation structures and expectations can vary per program. Once clients get to their results section, they get to insert all of their exciting research findings into their draft, sewing their dissertations together, piece by piece.

STEP 11: Methodology and Results: Edits
In this step, we conduct a thorough review of the client’s methodology and results sections. When it comes to reviewing data, we apply our understanding of quantitative and qualitative research to clarify research findings. We also make sure to revise sentences and content that seem inconsistent or confusing, and polish language throughout. At J&B, we are not passively telling clients what to correct; we are actively showing them what and how to correct. We are not the ones who simply comment and/or suggest; we are problem solvers, the ones who actually solve the client's problems in their dissertations.

STEP 12: Discussion and Conclusion
No great dissertation is complete without a thorough discussion and conclusion section—these sections give the client the power to reflect on their research findings, research questions, data, and thesis, and end on a conclusive note. At J&B, we aim to prepare clients for every step of their dissertation before they actually get there. Clients return to the J&B outline to bring their discussion and conclusion sections to life and come full circle from where they started. Their dissertation may not be perfect at this stage, but it is almost 80% complete.

STEP 13: Discussion and Conclusion: Edits
To ensure that the client’s dissertation is 90% complete—almost finished!—we return to our active and thorough editing techniques to finalize the client’s discussion and conclusion sections. This is an important place to review the client’s word count, and if it is on the shorter side, identify key areas that could use elaboration, or if it is overly long, snip out anything that seems unnecessary or does not contribute to the overall quality of the client’s dissertation. We employ a strong sense of logic to create clean, cohesive drafts, and a touch of innovation to know when more details are needed.

STEP 14: Final Editing & Polishing
In this step, we ensure to review and correct, if needed, all errors, both big and small. Moreover, we polish any word, sentence, or paragraph that requires further improvement. We triple-check citations and formatting guidelines to ensure that the client’s dissertation is good to go and 100% complete. J&B believes, based on experience, that an infinite number of revisions do not necessarily lead to a higher quality draft; rather, it often results in, oy vey, a worse quality draft. Our edits, feedback, and polishing are thus quality-oriented not quantity-oriented.

STEP 15: Evaluation
After satisfactorily producing a final draft together, our next and final step of consulting is our so-called evaluation. We thoroughly evaluate clients’ writing skills based on their session participation (e.g. ideation & brainstorming, seminar, etc.) and draft writing. It is our aim that clients meaningfully utilize our evaluation along with the other academic resources and the experience gained from our consulting process when working on other writing projects in the future. We truly hope that writing a dissertation with us will help clients become more independent, competent writers, prepared to advance and flourish in their academic careers.

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