John (“J”) is the definition of a natural, avid thinker who values the importance of learning in itself. “There is no such thing as a “shortcut” to any kind of learning,” he says. While pursuing undergraduate studies in philosophy and psychology, J discovered the beauty and power of the human mind, language and philosophical logic. He realized how learning about these topics could ultimately empower individuals to most genuinely express their inner selves, as well as perceive the world with meaning and logic. Ever since then, he has been passionate about teaching clients about philosophy and essay writing, and truly believes anyone can and should write well. He believes all the ingredients for essay learners to become skilled writers already exist in themselves; all anyone needs is the right guidance. Since 2009, J has helped numerous essay learners not only unleash their full writing potential, but also gain confidence and satisfaction from philosophy and essay writing. 

Bee (“B”) values independence and efficiency in life. Her philosophy in learning is no different. “The most effective learning should be oriented at unlocking one’s full independence; a learner should be an active agent, not a passive audience,” she says. Moreover, B believes that in order for learning to be perceived as socially relevant and convincing in today’s digitized and fast-paced society, it should be both efficient and systemic, not boring and impractical. From health care to tech to food science, she has gained vast organizational experience in numerous industries, and is a leading, independent expert in international trade and policy. 

The duo share enthusiasm for essay writing, and have heated yet productive discussions on how they can help individuals struggling with writing, whether that be with creative or academic essays. With passion and optimism, J and B founded J&B Essay Consulting, LLC (“J&B”), in 2012, in the heart of the Washington metropolitan area. Since then, J&B has successfully served essay learners with diverse backgrounds to help with their essay needs and goals. 

Mission & Values

In the same manner that winegrowing requires a number of necessary steps in order for a seed to transform into the juicy grape cluster, producing a quality essay equally requires a number of vital steps, time, effort and passion. A truly outstanding final draft, just like the sweetest grape, is not produced in a single day in one sitting.

J&B aims to help essay learners not just produce outstanding essay writings but also provide an experience-oriented, personalized consulting methodology to enable them to cultivate the habit of self-learning as to competently, independently take on any type of essays in one’s desired manner with ease and confidence.

J&B’s consulting methodology centers around the concept of Hues & Logic , which is meant to value both creativity and logical reasoning in our clients’ essay writing.

Under the motto, “The First or Nothing,” J&B is committed to providing the best essay consulting services, addressing clients’ needs and helping them achieve outstanding academic achievements. J&B aims for all of its clients to acquire professional, efficient, and courteous writing skills.

At J&B, we value perfection, efficiency, uniqueness, confidentiality and, most importantly, the pleasure of writing.

Why J&B?

“J” for essay perfection

Under J’s leadership, a team of qualified essay consultants and advisors help our clients to produce outstanding essays, while enjoying the learning process. Our essay consultants and advisors have demonstrated exceptional essay writing skills, communication skills and professionalism. For each and every step of the consulting process, we team up to take care of clients’ concerns, provide the very best essay guidance and resources and ensure the final draft is of the utmost quality.

“B” for consulting & process efficiency

Under B’s leadership, our essay consulting structure and process are designed to maximize our clients’ learning efficiency and outcomes. Based on accumulated experience and expertise, each step of the consulting process has been carefully created in order to help clients maximize learning benefits and outcomes. After going through the organizational process of our projects, each and every J&B client learns to achieve their greatest personal learning potential. 

“J&B” for client trust & confidentiality

Under the leadership of J and B, we are fully committed to safeguarding our clients’ private and confidential information. Given a significant number of high-profile clients choosing J&B for their essay journeys, we ensure that their expectations, needs and goals are competently met in the most confidential and courteous manner possible. We value our clients’ confidentiality as much as their essays. We believe that without securing confidentiality, there is no trust.