Enrollment Process

STEP 1: Info call
First, the client interested in J&B consulting programs submits a request to be scheduled for an info call via J&B email (pct@jbessay.com), KaKao or inquiry form (conveniently located at the bottom of each J&B program page). Once the request submission is successfully made, the J&B Prospective Client Team (PCT) will follow up with the client in a timely manner to schedule the info call accordingly. The call, arranged between J&B PCT staff and parent for approximately 30-45 minute-long, is designed to most effectively address the client’s needs, concerns and questions with regard to how we can best help with their children’ essay needs. The call is conducted in either English or Korean depending on the client’s preference. 

STEP 2: Aptitude Test
Upon successful completion of Step 1, the client will need to schedule an aptitude test with John, the lead consultant from Essay Consulting Team (ECT). The test, approximately 30-45 minute-long, is designed to accurately evaluate the client’s spoken and written skills. The test is conducted via Zoom, and parent’s participation is not required. 

STEP 3: Final Decision
ECT carefully accesses the client’s test performance in Step 2. If ECT believes that the client is a strong candidate for our programs, a program acceptance package will be sent out via email. The package includes acceptance letter, recommended program(s), program details and learning outcomes. The client interested in accepting our program offer will need to make payments by the deadline accordingly. Once the payment is successfully made, the client is ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime essay journey with J&B, which would certainly take them much closer to academic success.