Have you ever wondered what your life looks like from someone else’s eyes? What about your own? J&B’s Autobiography Program helps high school students turn pivotal moments of their lives into riveting memoir form. As students draw from personal experiences, reflections, and realizations, J&B encourages interested students to illustrate their autobiographies and turn them into powerful works of multimedia. By creating your autobiography at an early age, you are learning crucial skills of self-expression and self-analysis as you challenge yourself to capture your world in words. 

J&B believes that no writer is too young to write an autobiography. Most students write 100 to 150-page books, roughly made up of 10 chapters. If students are hesitant to draw from their personal experiences, the J&B team consults with clients to find a balance between real-life examples and creativity. Every autobiography students write is published through J&B, so that the young writers can proudly share that they are published authors. Although the autobiography writing process is a lengthy one, J&B ensures that students are provided with as much technical support and creative direction as they need to keep their momentum going. With J&B, your story matters.