Book Publication (책 출판)

(Grades 10-11) 


✓ Must be a student in 10th-11th grades


✓ 6 month

Brown Program, J&B’s signature program, is designed to work with clients to produce and publish an autobiography. Some might wonder that writing and publishing one’s own autobiography would seem too bragging, especially for an ordinary high school student. That is understandable bias. A general understanding is that autobiographies are often reserved for some famous individuals like US President, Michael Jordan or Bill Gates. That is, we believe, misbelief; every individual deserves to write their personal stories and publish them if they would like to. 

At J&B Essay Consulting, LLC, we believe every individual has something unique about their experience and stories, and they deserve our full respect. We value words, color and voice coming from each of our clients, and it is one of our goals to help them voice their unique stories in the form of an autobiography. The stories are unique because they are our clients’. 

The Program is designed to last roughly 6 months, from start to end. We collectively ideate, organize, structure, polish and publish an autobiography. The completed work will contain 10 chapters in total, between 100 and 150 pages long. Detailed content varies from client to client depending on her or his stories and preferred style and angle. The Program is highly customized; detailed structure and content will be determined during Pre Consulting to fully satisfy each client’s needs. Completed autobiographies will be provided an ISBN and published online accordingly. 

We pride ourselves on producing great autobiographies with our clients. What is more, most of our clients who have worked with us on the Program add their published work to the portfolio in college admissions, maximizing their chances of entering Ivy-league or other comparable elite US colleges.                                 

Client's Case

[Case #1]
"부모님 사업체를 통해 경험한 경영 철학, 환경 윤리 등에 대한 생각을 보여줄 수 있을까요?"

[Case #2]
"Yale University를 목표로 Artistic한 면모를 자서전을 통해 보여주고 싶은데, 가능할까요?"

[Case #3]
"어린 시절부터 꾸준히 해왔던 의료 봉사 활동을 통해 경험과 배운점을 자서전에 담아 보고 싶어요."