Camp/Seminar Applications


If you are looking for an exciting summer full of challenges, opportunities, and growth, J&B’s Camp/Seminar Application program is the perfect fit for you. The Camp/Seminar Application program exists for students who are hoping to gain memorable experiences by applying to prestigious, competitive summer programs or seminars. As students learn how to respond to both short and long-answer essay prompts, elaborate on the experiences that have defined them, and craft compelling personal essays, they develop crucial writing skills that will blow admissions committees away. Learning how to write a great personal essay isn’t just something you will learn and forget—it is a chance to establish your voice, learn how to creatively structure your ideas, and most importantly, better understand who you are and what your goals are! 

J&B’s team of consultants works with clients one-on-one, guiding them through the process of camp and seminar applications, ensuring that each student receives a specialized approach and the attention they need to succeed. The team is confident that no matter how high the stakes are, applying to a top-tier camp or seminar program does not have to be a daunting experience. Rather, the expert consultants at J&B do their utmost to ensure that the application process is both an enjoyable experience and an unforgettable learning opportunity that leaves students with a set of skills they can apply to future writing projects.