Creative Non Fiction Portfolio


Are you someone who loves elaborating on a good story and turning it into something else entirely? If you’re a non-conventional storyteller, then J&B’s Creative Nonfiction program is the best place to hone your skills. The Creative Nonfiction program offers students the chance to relive personal experiences in their lives and then add onto them, instilling them with elements of non-fiction. By encouraging students to draw from events, memories, ideas, and people in their lives that are significant, the Creative Nonfiction program allows students to do more than just share their lives with their readers. They can add an additional layer of fantasy, science fiction, or even magical realism—giving their readers more than just your traditional autobiography. 

The J&B team is confident that every student is an author in their own right, capable of producing highly detailed and elaborate written works. Working with J&B, students can create works of Creative Nonfiction that are from 100 to 150 pages, often broken down into 10 chapters. J&B’s consultants use their expertise to carefully guide students through the writing process, flexibly acting as mentors, editors, collaborators, or pacemakers—whatever each student may need. At the end of the process, J&B helps students publish their books online, making sure that every word is out there, for the rest of the world to admire!