John (“J”) is the definition of a natural, avid thinker who truly values the importance of learning in itself. “There is no such thing as the short cut to any kind of learning,” he says. While pursuing undergraduate studies in philosophy and psychology, J fell into the beauty and power of the human mind and language, and how they ultimately can empower individuals to most genuinely express their inner selves as well as perceive the world with meaning. Ever since then, he has been passionate about essay writing, and truly believes anyone can and should write well since all the ingredients for essay learners to become skilled writers already exist in themselves; all they need to do is learn how to get them out with the right guidance. Since 2009, J has helped numerous essay learners unleash their full writing potential and gain confidence and satisfaction from essay writing. When not writing, J loves to play tennis, drink coffee and spending time with good people.

Bee (“B”) values independence and efficiency in life. Her philosophy in learning is no different. “The most effective learning should be oriented at unlocking one’s full independence; a learner should be an active agent not a passive audience,” she says. Moreover, B believes that for the concept of learning to be perceived rather socially relevant and convincing in today’s digitized and fast-paced society, it should be contingent on efficiency, both timely and systemic. In the same vein, learning essay writing should be both efficient and systemic, not boring and impractical. From health care to technology trade to food science, she has gained vast experience in numerous industries, and is a leading, independent expert in international trade and policy. Apart from essay writing, she is passionate about making coffee, playing golf and traveling.

The duo shared enthusiasm in writing, precisely in essays, and exchanged numerous conversations on how they could potentially help individuals struggling with writing, for example, their creative and academic essays. With full of passion and optimism, J and B founded J&B Essay Consulting, LLC (“J&B”), in 2012, in the heart of the Washington metropolitan area, the United States. J&B has successfully served numerous essay learners with diverse backgrounds to help with their essay needs and goals since then.

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