J&B strives to create a symbiotic writing ecosystem in which all participants on both sides win. That is, essay learners, on the one hand, should be able to satisfactorily fulfill their essay needs in the most effective, result-proven manner; moreover, essay services providers, on the other hand, should be able to provide the very best such services with proven methodologies and justified fee structure.

Just like how winegrowing requires a number of necessary steps in order for a seed to transform into the juicy grape cluster, producing an essay equally requires several process steps with considerable amount of time and effort. A truly great final draft, just like the sweetest grape, is not produced in a single day in one sitting.

J&B aims to help each essay learner not just produce a world-class piece of written work but also provide an experience-proved, personalized consulting methodology to enable one to cultivate the habit of self-learning as to competently, independently take on any type of essays in one’s desired way with ease and confidence.

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