Writing Portfolio


Have you ever written an outstanding piece of writing you are just dying to share with the world? J&B’s Writing Portfolio Project helps high school students gather their best work together and ensures that no great essay is lost. As a writing portfolio is a great addition to a college application, scholarship, or resume, J&B works with young writers to select and curate their best-written work, identify a unifying theme, and prepare a cover letter that captures their intentions and long-term motivations as a writer. Most students prepare writing portfolios that include 10 of their greatest written works—and can even be up to 50 pages. A J&B writing portfolio is more than a compilation of written work—it becomes a vital tool for success. 

The team at J&B brings their experience and expertise to the consulting process, working closely with students to recommend writing that highlight their best assets. By carefully assessing a wide range of student work, the J&B team engages you in a systematic review process to help you grow. As students review their work, they gain a greater sense of their strengths and weaknesses as a whole and can view their work with a more objective eye. You write, we help you showcase it.