Essay Writing 11 - Level

Target Group

Grades 4-7




4 months

Lesson Time

45 mins/lesson 

 Meets twice a week  

Class Size



Distance Learning

Class Title: Essay Writing Class – Level I (5-Paragraph Macro & Micro Outlines) 

Objectives: Understand the fundamental components of both macro and micro outlines, learn how to independently produce them from scratch, and gain basic research and referencing (MLA) skills 

Learning Outcomes: 

                    ✓ Understand and create a macro outline. 

                    ✓ Understand and create a micro outline. 

                    ✓ Understand how to incorporate MLA referencing into the micro outline. 

                    ✓ Apply knowledge by creating macro and micro outlines. 

Class Timeline: ✓ 45 mins. per lesson (25 mins. for instruction, 15 mins. for in-class writing, 5 mins. for discussion & questions) 

                           ✓ Have lessons twice per week 

Lesson Overview:                       

Detailed Lesson Plan: 

5-Paragraph Macro Outline: 1 month 

Week 1a: 5-paragraph macro outline – What is it? 

Week 1b: Thesis I – What is a thesis? 

Week 2a: Thesis II – How to create your own thesis 

Week 2b: Introduction - How to structure your introduction 

Week 3a: Body - How to structure your body paragraphs 

Week 3b: Conclusion - How to structure your conclusion 

Week 4a: Capstone project – Create your own macro outline from scratch 

Week 4b: Evaluation and feedback 

5-Paragraph Micro Outline/Research: 3 months 

Week 1a: 5-paragraph micro outline – What is it? 

Week 1b: Introduction I - How to create a compelling thesis 

Week 2a: Research - How to conduct academic research (MLA ref) 

Week 2b: Introduction II - Hook and background 

Week 3a: Introduction III – Polishing 

Week 3b: Body Ia – Create topic sentence #1 

Week 4a: Body Ib – Support topic sentence #1 with detail & evidence 

Week 4b: Body Ic– Analyze Body #1 

Week 5a: Body IIa – Create topic sentence #2 

Week 5b: Body IIb – Support topic sentence #2 with detail & evidence 

Week 6a: Body IIc – Analyze Body #2 

Week 6b: Body IIIa – Create topic sentence #3 

Week 7a: Body IIIb – Support topic sentence #3 with detail & evidence 

Week 7b: Body IIIc – Analyze Body #3 

Week 8a: Conclusion – How to structure a concluding paragraph 

Week 8b: Outline review & polishing – how to polish your outline 

Week 9a: Final Outline Project - Introduction 

Week 9b: Final Outline Project - Body 

Week 10a: Final Outline Project - Conclusion 

Week 10b: Review & polishing #1 

Week 11a: Review & polishing #2 

Week 11b: Peer review: sharing final projects 

Week 12a: Capstone project - Create your own micro outline from scratch 

Week 12b: Evaluation and feedback

By the end of the class, students are able to independently produce the following (Examples are provide below):