International Social Science Conference for Youth (ISSCY)


Open to all 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students worldwide

Type(s) of Writing

Academic Research

Related Subject(s)

Social Sciences, Humanities

Expected # of References


Word Limit

500-word limit for proposal for preliminary round

2500 for the research paper


August/September 2024


The International Social Sciences Conference for Youth (ISSCY) is an online, open-source journal for high school students looking to engage in deep research. As ISSCY is co-hosted by the World Federation of United Nations Associations and GATSVI Challenge (a nonprofit organization), getting published is an outstanding starting point for young scholars, thinkers, and researchers excited to examine an issue they are passionate about. By challenging their intellectual curiosity and remaining committed to their topics, ISSCY writers are the voices of their generation—contributors to a thought-provoking, diverse world. 

ISSCY allows writers to pick a field within humanities and social sciences that interests them—from History, Literature, and Philosophy to Sociology, International Relations, and Psychology. The limits don’t stop here—high school students across the globe are welcome to submit a 500-word research paper proposal on a topic with academic and social merit, and transform their proposal into an approximately 2,500-word research paper. Although ISSCY is flexible in the content it accepts a well-written ISSCY paper carefully follows the structure of a traditional research paper with an abstract, literature review, methodology section, discussion, and conclusion. Submitting a paper to ISSCY is a chance to explore a global issue and at the same time, prepare yourself for future research projects. 

The J&B consulting team guides and nurtures ISSCY papers from their early stages to later processes of gathering scholarly sources, forming analyses, and addressing research questions. Whether assisting new researchers or experienced scholars, J&B ensures that every one of its students submits a paper that leaves a lasting impact on their desired field. 


Essay Prompts

Any research paper on a global issue