Module I: What is Philosophy?

Target Group

Grades 7-8


Green Program Levels I-III or equivalent


1 month

Lesson Time

45 mins/lesson 

 Meets twice a week  

Class Size



Distance Learning

Detailed Lesson Plan:  

Week 1a: Defining “philosophy”—what is it? 

Week 1b: The Socratic method—how to use it and why 

Week 2a: Debate & discussion—how to form a logical response to an argument 

Week 2b: Writing Task #1 and in-class evaluation/feedback 

Week 3a: Defining “epistemology”—how do we know what we know? 

Week 3b: Defining “ethics”—what is your personal code of ethics? 

Week 4a: Ethical dilemmas—the Trolley Problem and the Prisoner’s Dilemma 

Week 4b: Writing Tasks #2 and #3 and in-class evaluation/feedback 

Class Title: Module I 


✓ Gain an understanding of what philosophy is, why it is important, and how it helps us better understand the world in which we live 

✓ Review fundamental philosophical concepts 

✓ Practice engaging in philosophical discussions and debates by utilizing the Socratic method 

✓ Learn the fundamental value of philosophical inquiry

Learning Outcomes: 

✓ Can successfully engage in the Socratic method of discussion 

✓ Has a foundation in epistemology, ethics and ethical dilemmas 

✓ Gain advanced knowledge of argumentation and logical reasoning

Class Timeline: 

✓ 45 mins. per lesson (20 mins. for instruction, 20 mins. for discussion & debate, 5 mins. for homework review & Q/A) 

✓ Have lessons twice per week

Lesson Overview:   

     Part 1: Basics of Philosophy 

                    ✓ What is philosophy? 

                    ✓ Why do we study it? 

                    ✓ What is the Socratic method? 

                    ✓ What are arguments? 

                    ✓ Learn how to structure your arguments in debate form 

                    ✓ Writing Task #1: Formulate a logical response to a debate topic 

                    ✓ Evaluation & Feedback 

      Part 2: Epistemology and Ethics 

                    ✓ What is epistemology? 

                    ✓ Why should we study the nature of knowledge and how do we know what we know? 

                    ✓ What are ethics? 

                    ✓ How do they affect us? 

                    ✓ Writing Task #2: The Trolley Problem 

                    ✓ Evaluation & Feedback 

                    ✓ Writing Task #3: The Prisoner’s Dilemma 

                    ✓ Evaluation & Feedback