The Fall phase of our Red Program primarily involves defining specific schools of the client’s choice and preparing specific essays for those schools. This period runs for three months, from September to November. Following is the list of steps we will take during this phase, as well as their importance for the application process: 

J&B Persona Portfolio: Having a writing or artistic portfolio can significantly bolster an applicant's college admissions prospects by showcasing creativity, skills, and unique voice. A writing portfolio may include samples of essays, short stories, poems, or articles that demonstrate your writing abilities. Similarly, artists can compile a collection of their artwork, such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, or digital designs, to exhibit their talent, technique, and creativity. These portfolios serve as tangible evidence of an applicant's dedication, passion, and proficiency in their chosen medium, providing admissions committees with a more comprehensive understanding of their capabilities beyond standardized test scores and grades. 

Supplemental Essays (EA/ED or REA): Supplemental essays serve as additional opportunities for applicants to showcase their unique qualities beyond what's covered in the main application. These essays typically delve into specific aspects of an applicant's background, experiences, or aspirations, allowing them to provide more depth and context to their candidacy. It's crucial to be authentic and sincere while highlighting experiences or traits that align with the college's values and culture. 

Activities List & Honors: Maintaining an updated list of activities and honors is invaluable for college applications, as it serves as a comprehensive record of an applicant's extracurricular involvement and achievements. This list not only helps students keep track of their accomplishments but also ensures that they don't overlook any significant experiences when completing their applications. Furthermore, having an organized and detailed record allows applicants to accurately portray their commitments, leadership roles, and contributions to their schools and communities.