The Summer phase of our Red Program primarily involves processing all of the information compiled in the Spring and elaborating documents and essays based on them. This period runs for three months, from June to August. Following is the list of steps we will take during this phase, as well as their importance for the application process: 

Ideation & Brainstorming: After compiling all the necessary information for college applications, the ideation and brainstorming step becomes a pivotal phase in crafting a compelling narrative of one's academic journey and personal growth. It's a time to reflect deeply on experiences, aspirations, and values, distilling them into a cohesive narrative that resonates with admissions committees. This phase involves delving into the essence of one's identity, passions, and goals, exploring how they align with the ethos of each institution. Brainstorming sessions may involve introspective journaling, conversations with mentors or peers, and research into the unique offerings of each college. It's a process of self-discovery and strategic planning, where ideas are refined, stories are shaped, and visions for the future take form. Each brainstorming session is an opportunity to unearth the authentic voice that will distinguish an application amidst the sea of candidates, demonstrating not just academic prowess, but also character, resilience, and potential for meaningful contributions to the college community. 

J&B Client Persona: At J&B, our signature step is creating a Client Persona for your college applications. This involves crafting a portrayal of clients that highlights their strengths, aspirations, and values in a compelling and authentic manner. This persona serves as the lens through which admissions committees perceive and evaluate an applicant's candidacy. It's a delicate balance between presenting a client’s genuine self and strategically showcasing the qualities and experiences most relevant to the desired college audience. By collecting all of the information, we will help you elaborate a persona that aligns closely with the mission and values of the colleges and universities being targeted. This persona will remain consistent across all components of the application, including essays, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities, fostering a cohesive and compelling portrayal that leaves a lasting impression on admissions officers. 

Common App Essay: The Common App essay is a crucial component of the college application process which J&B will guide you through. This essay prompts applicants to respond to one of several prompts with a personal narrative or reflection, typically limited to 650 words. Its significance lies in its ability to transcend the constraints of test scores and grades, allowing students to provide context, depth, and personality to their applications. Through this essay, clients can provide admissions officers with a more holistic understanding of who they are beyond their academic achievements. It serves as a platform for self-expression and storytelling, enabling students to articulate their journey, challenges, growth, and ambitions in a compelling and authentic manner. The Common App essay plays a pivotal role in distinguishing applicants in a competitive pool, helping them stand out and leave a lasting impression on admissions committees. 

Recommendation Notes for Teachers: Providing notes to a teacher who is writing a recommendation letter can significantly enhance the quality and depth of the letter. These notes serve as invaluable insights into the student's personality, achievements, and aspirations, offering a more nuanced understanding beyond what may be evident from academic records alone. By highlighting specific experiences, anecdotes, and character traits, clients can guide their teachers to emphasize aspects of their candidacy that align closely with the desired attributes sought by admissions committees.